Overseas Births, Marriages and Deaths

The widest range of British overseas Birth Marriage and Death Records including War Deaths and Rolls of Honour - 1407 to 1997

We have overseas war deaths from various sources and "rolls of honour" with biographies and photos. Plus our overseas BMD record set from both the GRO and TNA.


The Overseas BMD Indexes cover the births, marriages and deaths of British Service Personnel throughout the world. The data set currently includes:

  • Marine Births: 1837-1965
  • Army Births & Registers, Marriages and Deaths: 1747-1980
  • Air Births, Deaths & Missing Persons: 1947-1965
  • Consular Birth, Marriages, Deaths: 1849-1915
  • High Commission Births, Marriages, Deaths: 1899-1964
  • Informal Certificates of Birth at Sea: 1839-1867
  • Ionian Island Births, Marriages, Deaths: 1818-1864
  • Marriages & Deaths Abroad: 1966-1994
  • Regimental Births: 1407-1997
  • Article 6/18 Marriage: 1961-1965

These indexes are fully searchable online at www.thegenealogist.co.uk with all Personal Plus and Premium subscriptions, and the references provided can be used to order an Overseas certificate from the GRO (General Register Office).

Also available are Overseas Marine Deaths, which cover deaths at sea onboard British ships from 1837, containing over 210, 00 records.


The World War I and World War II Death Indexes provide an official GRO index reference as per the standard BMD and Overseas BMD Indexes, and you can obtain an Overseas Death certificate at www.gro.gov.uk.


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